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Virtual Scribe and Virtual MA at Competitive Price

SRNY Solutions

Complete Healthcare Solutions Company

About Us

About Us

SRNY Solutions is a preeminent Complete Healthcare Solutions Company based in Surprise, Arizona. We are serving this industry since 2016 and we provide complete Healthcare Solutions that includes Medical Transcription Services, Virtual Scribing, Medical Coding & Billing and EHR Data Management Services. Besides this we also provide Legal Transcription and General Transcription Services.

The main motive of our company is to help reduce the documentation load of clients and help them focus on exclusive patient care. We provide a full array of cost-effective Medical Transcription Services per HIPAA guidelines with high quality and TAT at the most competitive prices.

We are adequately staffed to handle any spikes in volumes. Our team is qualified, skilled, and highly motivated to serve our clients. We are available all day and all night, even on the weekends to serve our clients.

We have an infrastructure that's capable of satisfy your needs. Whether you're looking to outsource  or switching your transcription service provider, you'll find that we've complete solution for you. By outsourcing your work you'll benefit by the time differential existing between the 2 countries (anywhere from 9.5 to 12.5 hours).

Our Strategy for Success

4 Pillars – People, Process, Client and Technology

Set us Apart


  • Domain

  • Soft Skills

  • Culture

  • Transparency and Trust

  • Employee Engagement

  • Collaboration


  • Accuracy

  • Speed of delivery

  • First time right

  • Best in class

  • Data analytics

  • Learn standard work, LSW


  • NPS, VOC

  • Proactive communication

  • Transparency and Trust

  • Sundown response

  • Relationship

  • Showcasing capability


  • Indepedent of people

  • EHR Integration

  • NVA Elimination

  • Inhouse Trainings

  • ERP Optimization

  • High Speed Internet

Our Vision

“We are dedicated to simplifying healthcare information delivery to our clients, utilize our expertise to add value to our service leading to customer satisfaction and an empowered workforce.

"We strive to be a pacesetter within the field of healthcare services by leveraging the above”









Some prominent features of SRNY

Virtual Scribing

We provide you with a virtual scribe, remotely, to follow throughout patient visits. While the doctor is interacting with the patient, our Virtual Scribe is documenting the encounter directly into your EHR.

Time Saving/Multiple Dictation Options

Time is money and our services assist you to save lots of tons of your time. Our physicians dictate using multiple channels. You can call our 1-800 number to give dictations or record dictations on a cell phone or a digital voice recorder and send the files to us via Dropbox or upload it to your MDO (MyDocs Online Account) provided by us. You can also send your voice files through mail also.

Virtual ma

A trained virtual assistant, with excellent communication skills, can be a valuable asset to a busy practice or healthcare facility, taking over administrative tasks so providers and their staff can focus on patient care. This can all be done remotely, utilizing a practice’s existing technology.

EHR Integration

Our administration and transcription team has been working with various EHR systems and we ensure end-to-end solutions for the doctors from dictation recording to uploading dictations to the EHR system. Just let us know which EHR system is being used in your practice. We also work on eClinical Works (ECW).

Instant and trustworthy Service

We offer a quick turnaround of our services. All the dictations given to us are transcribed and sent to you within 24-36 hours and they are updated on the EHR before 36 hours. The transcribed notes are proofread at two levels to ensure 99.9+% accuracy.

Competitive Pricing 

Our services are very reasonably priced and help you save thousands of dollars every year. We also provide virtual scribe services at very affordable pricing.


Virtual Medical Scribe

Virtual scribe.jpg

Medical Coding &


Medical coding and billing.jpg

Virtual MA

Virtual MA.jpg

General Transcription

General Transcription.jpg

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription.jpg

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription.jpg
VOC (Voice of Clients)

We have been doing our best to serve our clients since 6 years.

Here are some feedbacks from our clients!

Aman K. Dalal, MD.jpg
SRNY Solutions Virtual Medical Scribe and Virtual MA services have helped me a lot in my daily clinical hassle. My scribe saves me hours or mental and physical fatigue by accurately documenting patient notes in the EMR, giving me all the time to interact with patient and also spend some quality time with my family, despite my busy patient schedule every day. They also have an efficient MA team which helps my clinical practice by prepping all notes and also scheduling patients which has got down the no
show rates by 50%.

Aman K. Dalal, MD
AZ Infectious Disease

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