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Virtual MA

Virtual medical assistants help healthcare providers with administrative, clerical and customer support tasks, including scheduling appointments, managing patient referrals, securing prior authorizations, and managing a constantly full fax inbox. This can all be done remotely, utilizing a practice’s existing technology. A trained virtual assistant, with excellent communication skills, can be a valuable asset to a busy practice or healthcare facility, taking over administrative tasks so providers and their staff can focus on patient care.

Problems we solve:

  • Not enough time to respond to messages; reduced engagement with the patient in a visit.

  • Overwhelming demands of caring for the patient on top of managing endless clinical tasks.

  • Lack of focus on delivering quality healthcare with burdensome non-clinical tasks.


How we help:

  • Register new patients and establish patient portals

  • Manage referrals and patient follow-ups

  • Schedule appointments, set reminders, and verify insurance eligibility

  • Create patient engagement letters and update status

  • Consult with physicians and respond to messages

  • Additional administrative duties as needed

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