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Virtual Medical Scribe

Virtual Medical Scribes help physicians give more time for patient care by reducing documentation time. It results in less physician burnout which helps to improve productivity and quality of treatment. Physicians can enjoy hassle free work and patients can enjoy higher satisfaction by using SRNY Solutions Scribe Services.

Benefits of Using SRNY Solutions Scribe Services

Affordable and better service provided as compared to in-house scribes





We provided quality, dedicated and excellent services to all physicians at a very affordable price. 

Reduced  documentation time

Leave the patient chart documentation on us. This saves you time to see more patients and spend more quality time with your family.

HIPPA Complaint


All our working platforms and software are HIPPA compliant. Scribes work in a secure facility and we are focused on patient data protection.

Increase in daily patient encounter and increase in average revenue generation





We can help you save 3-5 minutes per patient by not doing clinical documentation. This gives you extra hours for seeing more patient and not having to worry about chart work!

Measurably reduced physician burnout





We capture all the relevant information during the visit, including the physical exam and you need not worry about remembering data of patient encounters throughout the day.

Increased patient – physician interaction time and improved patient satisfaction




Give all the time for patient care and treatment without having to worry about documentation during the visit. Our scribes do not interrupt during the visit which makes the patient comfortable, giving and illusion of privacy.

Quality chats and same day chart closure





We have experienced, professional and dedicated scribes who complete the chats as per the providers’ preference. You can sign all patient encounters same day, and need not worry about any backlogs.

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