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Home Health Care Management

SRNY Solutions have a skilled virtual team with experience in the Home Health Care management, who help Home Health Care Providers with documentation of patient charts/OASIS form, coding of home health visits, filling CMS form, as well as auditing documented patient notes/forms. This helps Health Care Providers to save a lot of time, physical and mental fatigue and in turn allows them to see more patients to increase revenue generation as well as dedicate more time towards patient care.

What we do:

  • Document OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set) form and review it.

  • Complete Home Health Coding (Level 1 Coding, Level 2 Coding, Level 3 Coding) for patient charts.

  • Fill CMS 485 form.

  • SOC (Start of care).

  • ROC (Resumption of care).

  • REC (Recertification).

  • Transfer of Care.

  • Discharge of patient from hospital or skilled facility.

  • QA evaluation of documented patient notes.

Benefits of using SRNY Solutions Home Health Care management services:

  • More time with patient’s visit and care, more patient count and less time with the EHR/clerical documentation.

  • Coding of visits to avoid any delay in the payments.

  • Competitive/Cheaper pricing as compared to on-site companies.

  • HIPPA Compliant.

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